Word of Mouth: Shanghai

Tea shops in Tianzifang, bars in Xintiandi, and so much more in the exciting city

Possibly the most populous city in the world (recently estimated at 25 million) and growing at an extraordinary rate of 700,000 to 800,000 people a year, Shanghai—the “City on the Sea”—surprises. There are so many dualities: old and new, city and coast, order and chaos, global yet decidedly Chinese. These juxtapositions play out on the streets—bicycles powered by feet zipping in between hybrid electric vehicles, …

Act + Acre Hair and Scalp Products

More than just shampoo and conditioner, from the new brand

In a time when we carry around tiny supercomputers, shampoo feels far from revolutionary. Whether at the drug store or salon, many hair products seem interchangeable. All of these then build up and must be clarified with yet another special product. Even the new wave of suds-free “co-washes” or “cleansing cremes” oftentimes feel like conditioner repurposed as shampoo. It’s through this lens that we learned …

An Oral History of Native Instruments

CEO Daniel Haver covers milestones and hilarious anecdotes from the music brand's 20-year existence

“Hey, there’s these two freaks in Berlin. They started this thing. They call it Native Instruments.”