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The Cowie Collection Glass

Courtesy of fferone

This chic spirit sipping glass was designed to showcase the spirit’s color, provide space for aromas, and to create a bit of “audacious” drama. Commissioned by Mortlach whisky and designed by Felicia …

Sean Augustine March

Rayleigh Desk Lamp


Hailing from upstate New York, Sean Augustine March is an artist and designer whose work often creates striking optical effects using dichroic glass. His spectacular Rayleigh Desk Lamp is no different. Shining …

Studio About

Standing Flower Bubble Vase


From Denmark-based Studio About (helmed by architect Mikkel Lang Mikkelsen), the Standing Flower Bubble is an elegant and illusory vase, appearing as if the circular vessel (balanced atop a clear base) is …

Annika Inez

Glassy Hoops


Handblown by a local artisan in Brooklyn, these glass earrings from contemporary jewelry designer Annika Inez are a playful take on classic hoops. Available in five colors (blue, aqua, mauve, purple or …


Wave Shape Glasses


These retro Wave Shape glasses are playful but sophisticated. Available in four colorways (blue, green, brown and transparent), they are crafted from borosilicate glass and suitable for cold or hot drinks. Safe for …