Distilling a Year with the Zeitguide 2015

An informative, annual guide to key themes, plus a weekly email that breaks down the world's most pressing news

There’s a reason we continue to feature the Zeitguide from Grossman & Partners. Each week, founder and CEO Brad Grossman, and his ever-expanding team, cull through over 2,000 pieces of source material on breaking news, global trends and key topics. They scour industry publications and chart courses across the internet—and they have access to experts within all fields. Generally, the knowledge they gain is distilled, …

Cultural Almanac Membership

Creative consultancy Grossman & Partners shares their critically acclaimed insights in an annual hard bound publication, and their new membership service will come complete with this year’s limited edition almanac, as well as a weekly email service providing deep context for the ongoings of society. For those who don’t have time to read the news every day, all the information is wonderfully summarized right here.

Zeitguide 2014

This year's insight-laden guide to culture, in print and digital formats

Culled from 370 pieces of source material, this year’s Zeitguide—an almanac for the ever-changing zeitgeist—from Grossman & Partners delivers unparalleled insight into the direction we’re all moving. Produced by cultural think-tank Grossman & Partners since 2010, the guide is an extension of the work the company does privately for C-Suite executives, synthesizing and making sense of leading-edge issues in everything from advertising and finance to …