Bruno Munari’s ABC

Celebrated Italian artist, designer and inventor Bruno Munari made everything from art to espresso machines and toys, and even wrote children’s books—a field that benefited from his graphic designs and interest kinesthetic and tactile learning. He combined whimsy and imagination with objects and animals in his ABC picture book, which was originally published in 1960, but remains as relevant and charming as ever.

Munari’s Books

A look at the Italian artist's experimental book-objects for children and adults over the past 70 years

20th century Italian artist Bruno Munari (1907-1998) left his legacy in many different forms—from sculptures, paintings, design furniture and objects, films, photographs to even poetry—but it was his experiments in book-objects for children and adults that inspired and challenged at a very accessible level. Often stripping books of printed words, and playing with colors, materials and shapes, Munari allowed readers to do more than just …