Painting Toward Architecture

Renowned architectural historian Henry-Russell Hitchcock's astute look at how abstract art influenced modern architecture

One of the greatest historians of American architecture, Henry-Russell Hitchcock helped shape the way we consider the medium today. An advocate of architecture as art over absolute function, Hitchcock wrote numerous books on the subject of architectural style. We recently happened upon the 1948 edition of “

Bisazza Crystal Collection

Adorn your walls in Swarovski with patterns spanning from sea horses to robots

Established a half-century ago in Northern Italy’s Alte Vicenza region, Bisazza is one of the world’s most innovative producers of glass mosaics both in terms of technical solutions and style. Their recently launched The Crystal Collection blurs the line between classic design and contemporary decoration, integrating Swarovski crystals within their beautifully-crafted tiles. The Crystal Collection includes six patterns—Skulls & Crowns, Robots & Hearts, Corals & …

Loop iPad Stand

Keep your iPad charged while browsing with Griffin's new multi-use stand

A versatile stand for iPads, the circular design of Griffin’s Loop docking station allows the device to charge while in use. A cushioned cradle keeps the iPad securely in place, and it’s configured to work in either portrait or landscape modes for the most in viewing. Alternatively, when you want to type or browse, a notch in the weighted stand holds the iPad at a …