Aurea Technologies’ Portable Wind Turbine for Campers, Shine

Roughly the size of a one-liter water bottle and weighing three pounds, Shine is a portable wind turbine capable of charging devices or storing energy for campers. Developed by a women-led team within Canada’s Aurea Technologies, the device incorporates a 40-watt turbine (with efficient patent-pending blades) that sends power to a 12,000 mAh internal lithium-ion battery. It can also be pre-charged before heading out. “Shine …

The Outbound Collective App Makes Exploring The Outdoors Easy

Tapping locals' insights, this app empowers all individuals to get back to nature

The phrase “get back to nature” sounds simple in theory but in practice knowing how to explore the outdoors is more complicated than just walking outside. There’s the matter of knowing where to go, whether that means looking for the best ski slopes or a hidden spot with a nice vista. Then there’s the matter of how to get there. A lot of the time, …

Crafter Trouser Pro

From two-year-old Swedish company Garphyttan, the Crafter Trouser Pro are durable, practical work pants made from a water-repellent and flexible fabric blend of cotton, polyester and elastane. With plenty of pockets for tools and sleeves for inserting (and holding in place) knee-pads, these pants are perfect for gardening, household chores and camping. They’re available in five colors, but our pick is the green.