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Sean Gerstley

Candlestick in Froggy Green


Handmade by artist Sean Gerstley in his Philadelphia studio, this candle holder features whimsical protrusions and an off-kilter leaf-like structure. Standing six inches tall, this object’s beautiful earthy green shade adds a …


Acrylic Oil Menorah


Founded by sisters Daniela and Gabriela Apeloig, Apeloig Collection makes Judaica products with a contemporary twist. This acrylic oil menorah is a sleek, playful take on the traditional object. It’s intended for …


Bucatini Candle Holder


Curiosity is at the heart of (a.o.t), a Copenhagen-based conceptual design studio run by Kathrine Barbro Bendixen and Mathias Kruse Jørgensen. For their Primi collection, the duo explored the history and versatility …

Casa Verónica

Ixtlali Candleholders


Casa Verónica’s ceramic Ixtlali Candleholders pay tribute to the Mexican drip-glaze technique, where multicolored swatches of paint cascade downward. Handmade and two inches tall, each of these mesmerizing holders is one of …


U Candle Holder


Family-owned and operated by Jayna and Justin Roy, Boonies is a metal fabrication studio that applies contemporary design to traditional objects, as is the case with their U Candle Holder. Handcrafted in …

Claudia Rankin

Pair of Pink and Yellow Bird Candleholders


Northumberland, UK-based ceramicist Claudia Rankin’s knack for crafting heartwarming pottery, imbued with fantasy and the wonder of nature, shines through in her pink and yellow bird candleholders. Standing 31cm tall, this handmade …

Tom Dixon

Spinning Candle Holder


The Candelabra from Tom Dixon is an spinning centerpiece with almost infinite arrangements. Its crane-like figure makes for elegant decor appropriate for all kinds of occasions. Stock the four holders with tall …

Lucy Kirk

Skull Candle Holder


Crafted by London-based ceramicist and illustrator Lucy Kirk, each of these skull candle holders is entirely handmade and unique. Much like her other ceramic work, there’s an intentional imperfection to the black …

Ghost Candle Holder


Copenhagen’s Studio Arhoj are masters at combining minimal design with cute characters to create homewares you actually want on display. Spooky but sweet, their ghost candle-holders are hand-cast and glazed in transparent …