Candlestick in Froggy Green

Handmade by artist Sean Gerstley in his Philadelphia studio, this candle holder features whimsical protrusions and an off-kilter leaf-like structure. Standing six inches tall, this object’s beautiful earthy green shade adds a verdant presence to any room.

Bucatini Candle Holder

Curiosity is at the heart of (a.o.t), a Copenhagen-based conceptual design studio run by Kathrine Barbro Bendixen and Mathias Kruse Jørgensen. For their Primi collection, the duo explored the history and versatility of aluminum through handcrafted objects, including the striking Bucatini Candle Holder. Sculptural and winding, the holder’s material is bent and shaped into an otherworldly form. Available in green, red, beige and silver, the …

Ixtlali Candleholders

Casa Verónica’s ceramic Ixtlali Candleholders pay tribute to the Mexican drip-glaze technique, where multicolored swatches of paint cascade downward. Handmade and two inches tall, each of these mesmerizing holders is one of a kind and and finished with an interior and exterior gloss.