Stala Candle

Composed of rounded peaks and valleys, Ferm Living’s Stala Candle has a soft and organic form that morphs into endless silhouettes as it melts. Measuring around 24cm in length and 15cm wide, the wax candle is both elegant and genial.

Karat EG Candle

Imagined by perfumer Carlos Benaïm for the boutique luxury fragrance brand Maison d’Etto, the scent of the Karat EG candle shifts from nostalgic notes of fresh earth to a luscious Turkish rose heart and sweet amber base. Altogether, there’s an elegant intermingling of floral, verdant and herbaceous aromas. Founded by Brianna Lipovsky, Maison d’Etto first released Karat EG as a perfume in its beloved, equestrian-inspired debut …

Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Gifts That Give Back

Proceeds from all these present purchases go to organizations that do good

During the holidays, our collective consumerism can reach a fever pitch and prompt some very real self-reflection. With this in mind, we encourage readers who have the bandwidth and budget to donate time or money—at any time of the year—to local mutual aid initiatives or larger organizations like The Loveland Foundation, The Trevor Project, Last Prisoner Project, Everytown, Kiva, RAICES and more. Sometimes, though, you …