Leaf Pipe

Handmade by Toronto-based ceramic artist Julie Moon, this leaf-shaped pipe swirls with abstract patterns and subtle hues. Whether in use or on display, this pipe contributes a touch of whimsy.

Glass Fruit Pipe in Cherry

Whether in use or placed about the home, this charming 100% borosilicate cherry fruit pipe makes a statement. Its simple yet delicate design is emblematic of its maker, Flower by Edie Parker, an NYC-based brand founded by Brett Heyman. The whimsical pipe, while endearing on its own, also complements the brand’s banana, grape and orange pipes, so that when they’re placed together, they create the ultimate, …

Kin Slips Bridges Medicinal + Recreational Cannabis Use as it Perfects Sublingual Delivery

Creating products made for pain-relief and fun, this company also donates their cannabinoid-infused strips to those who need them most

Alongside the crowd of rapidly evolving cannabis companies, Kin Slips stands in a lane of their own. The California-based brand’s cannabinoid- and terpene-infused sublingual strips dissolve under the tongue after interacting with saliva in the mouth, bypassing enzymes and acids from the digestive tract and releasing active ingredients directly into the bloodstream. This streamlined delivery method offers a fast-acting and undiluted product that Kin Slips …