Fish Hide

Handmade in Yerevan, Armenia, this hideaway for fish is the perfect place for finned friends to explore and retreat. Its organic shape and subtle hues make for an enticing alternative to plastic pet store options, and there are many different sizes (acceptable for most aquariums) and colors available. Made from ceramic and coated in a safe, transparent glaze, it measures approximately three inches tall and …

Ceramic Incense Chamber

A variation on traditional Japanese incense chambers, this vessel from Wacko Maria is crafted from glossy white ceramic and shaped like the Virgin Mary. Replacing her eyes and (in the shape of a cross) along her chest and back, are holes from which the aroma can diffuse. The base is a separate piece, making clean-up easy.

Sprinkles on Speckle Cone Vase

An ideal size for a few stems, each speckled vase by O-M Ceramic is unique—made by hand and meticulously so. With just enough color, the playful design also feels a little DIY. Thanks to a gloss glaze and underglaze, it’s safe to fill up with water.