Custom Portrait

Brooklyn-based ceramicist Eleni Kontos crafts custom clay portraits in fun, off-kilter, cartoon styles. Each sculpture features a small hollow body (measuring around four to five inches in height), a detachable topper head and marbled colors the artist dyes herself. Altogether, it’s an endearing, personal gift for a loved one.

Studio Visit: Ceramicist Michelle Im aka RATxCHICKS

The artist takes us into her wacky and wonderful world of earthenware

In a sun-drenched studio in Ridgewood, Queens, ceramicist Michelle Im imagines breeding birds and rats together—which she achieves through RATxCHICKS, the play-on-words name for an art project that engrosses objects in a wacky and wonderful world of unexpected animals. Zebras and rainbows, hippopotamuses and UFOs, goats and lemons, poodles and beachballs: these surprising pairings and more imbue the NYC-based artist’s pottery with whimsy. At Im’s …

“Attenborough Binge” Ceramic Bottle

A while ago, North Yorkshire, UK-based ceramicist Anna Whitehouse challenged herself to make a new bottle every day for 100 days in a row. The creative exercise pushed her to explore and iterate at a challenging pace and the resulting collection is stunning. Each organic-shaped piece suggests a foreign biology full of whimsy, and many of them are still available for purchase. Shown here is …