Ixtlali Candleholders

Casa Verónica’s ceramic Ixtlali Candleholders pay tribute to the Mexican drip-glaze technique, where multicolored swatches of paint cascade downward. Handmade and two inches tall, each of these mesmerizing holders is one of a kind and and finished with an interior and exterior gloss.

Mug + Saucer

Available in three colors (dark grey, light grey or sand), this mug and saucer set from Brutes Ceramics is handmade in London in alluring textured stoneware, bolstered by a contrasting handle. The large mugs (which hold 260ml) are available with or without the saucer. Price is in Pounds.

Custom Portrait

Brooklyn-based ceramicist Eleni Kontos crafts custom clay portraits in fun, off-kilter, cartoon styles. Each sculpture features a small hollow body (measuring around four to five inches in height), a detachable topper head and marbled colors the artist dyes herself. Altogether, it’s an endearing, personal gift for a loved one.