Power Pod

Designed byScott Wilsonof Chicago-based MINIMAL, thePower Podis a smart portable power source and accessory trayin one. It featurestabletop access for six outlets,an energy-saving on/off switch, and surge suppression with circuit reset on the bottom of the pod.


Support a Kickstarter project bringing remote 360° panning and tilting to iOS devices

From Josh Guyot—Motrr co-founder and designer of Snow Peak’s SnowMiner headlamp—comes Galileo, a 360° degree panning and tilting mechanism for iOS devices. With multiple potential applications, Galileo-mounted devices can be controlled remotely by swiping the screen of a secondary device to pan and tilt. The spherical platform allows for infinite movement and any number of viewing angles. Guyot and partner JoeBen Bevirt also created Joby …

Book Chargers

Secret phone charger for the literary aficionado

The dummy book motif has appeared on accessories from handbags to desktop boxes, only partially satisfying true literary geeks because, after all, they’re only just replicating the covers. Book Chargers by Rich Neeley Designs, on the other hand, are made from actual vintage books outfitted with an impressively subtle power source for an iPhone or iPod. The USB-compatible hook-up tucks neatly behind the book’s binding, …