Fitness-Tracking for Chickens

It might sound comical, but putting a fitness tracker on chickens may ease the workload of commercial farmers. Now, chicken farmers are required to manually inspect the health of each bird—seeking out mites, signs of parasites and more—but this technology could change that. Using sensors and behavioral knowledge of healthy chickens, the devices would be tucked inside what looks like a tiny backpack to track …

Extraordinary Chickens

Stephen Green-Armytage surveys over 50 different breeds of feathered fellows, which—in addition to showcasing all manner of kooky-looking chicks—also features detailed sections on their peculiar feet and combs.

Chicken Footstools

Handcrafted ottomans with a farm-fresh look

For the young biodynamic agriculture aficionado, fitting furniture can be hard to find in a modern world overrun by steel and glass. Combining supreme quality with pure novelty, City Girl Farm’s Chicken Footstools offer a rustic but rich, zoomorphic alternative to the traditional ottoman. Inspired in part by the sheep ottomans of French artist Francois Lalanne, farm founder and artist Sally Jane Ebright says she …