Chicken Footstools

Handcrafted ottomans with a farm-fresh look


For the young biodynamic agriculture aficionado, fitting furniture can be hard to find in a modern world overrun by steel and glass. Combining supreme quality with pure novelty, City Girl Farm’s Chicken Footstools offer a rustic but rich, zoomorphic alternative to the traditional ottoman.

Inspired in part by the sheep ottomans of French artist Francois Lalanne, farm founder and artist Sally Jane Ebright says she models the footstools—whose tagline declares them “practical yet farfetched”—after her own pet chickens in hopes of making the world “pause with us for a moment and smile, too.”


Here, the egg definitively comes before the chicken—each footstool begins life as a large wooden egg, shaped on a lathe. The cast-bronze feet and the head are attached to the felted alpaca body, which is then upholstered by hand. The entire process takes about a week.

Each chicken is crafted from scratch and no two footstools are alike. They can be ordered from City Girl Farm, with prices ranging from $700 to upwards of $2,000.