40 Artists Illustrate The Concept of Anxiety for EYEYAH! Kids’ Magazine

For its sixth issue, Singapore-based kids’ magazine EYEYAH! asked an international array of digital artists and designers to illustrate what they believe the word “anxiety” looks and feels like, as well as ways to overcome it. The resulting 40 images offer numerous perspectives: some hopeful, others overwhelming, all colorful. EYEYAH! co-founders Tanya Wilson and Steve Lawler created the award-winning publication to help children cope with …

Strawberry All Over Jogging Pant

Manufactured two blocks from the Mediterranean Sea, Bobo Choses produces clothing for kids. With a focus on activity rather than gender, their designs are comfortable and colorful. The brand’s Strawberry All Over jogging pants are made from 100% organic cotton and feature an elasticated waistband and cuffs. Available for kids aged three/six months through 24/36 months, this lavender-colored garment draws inspiration from nature.

Ultimate Sticker Book

With over 700 stickers—including some that glow in the dark and others that sparkle—the Ultimate Sticker Book from Super Smalls features letters, shapes, gems, rainbows and more. Whether for crafting, decorating or just collecting, this booklet contains ample inspiration to spark creativity in young imaginations.