ChopValue’s Home Decor Made From Used Chopsticks

Innovating with a business model that circumvents the traditional supply chain and a new waste-based material

Nearly five years ago, Felix Böck was sitting down at dinner. As a wood engineer, he saw time and time again how much waste the industry was producing. He ranted over plates of sushi about this, wishing there was an alternative way. Then, he looked down, saw the pair of greasy chopsticks in his hand, and he had an idea that would soon catalyze the company …

Kkini Bowl + Chopsticks Set

Modeled after traditional Korean Dolsot bowls used for bibimbap, this set—comprised of a stoneware bowl, bamboo lid and chopsticks—is designed to recall the joy of home. When using it, lifting the lid from the heat-storing bowl reveals a cloud of steam, a moment that Hong Kong-founded homeware brand JIA Inc crafted to invoke memories of sitting down for a home-cooked dinner. While minimalist in aesthetic …

Color Sticks

Designed by Amsterdam-based studio Scholten & Baijings for beloved design store HAY, this six-piece set of chopsticks feature whimsical color-blocked patterns that mix warm and cool tones. Each pair of these bamboo and beech chopsticks are different from the others; a fun and unique rendition on a classic utensil—and making them functional gifts for dinner party guests to take home.