Zenith’s 50th Anniversary El Primero A384 Revival Wristwatch

Celebrating a design icon and the first automatic chronograph movement within

Zenith shook an industry and design community when it brought the El Primero A384 wristwatch to market in 1969. The iconic timepiece acted as a debut vessel for the brand’s El Primero automatic chronograph calibre—making it the world’s first high-frequency automatic chronograph. From the black and white “panda” tachymeter dial to the faceted stainless steel case, the design enchanted collectors and influenced other watch designs …

CS20102 Chronograph

One of the most innovative watches we’ve seen all year at this price point, the CS20102 is a Swiss chronograph with a Ronda movement, designed with a stop-watch style complete with a modern black and red Nato strap. Altogether, the watch is truly one of a kind.

Hacker Watch

Conceived by esteemed British industrial designer Michael Young and produced by Hong Kong-based O.D.M, the Hacker watch’s concave design gives light to time with a face reminiscent of the sun. Although it comes in a matte black and silver version, its golden iteration is a sight to behold.