Octavia Ashtray

Edmonton, Canada-based husband-and-wife team Concrete Cat makes everything from bathroom countertops to reception desks to ashtrays—all using a concrete base. The octagonal ashtrays in particular show off fun experiments in colors and patterns, as Concrete Cat teases out bright pastels, brilliantly bold hues, organic-inspired faux marbling and more—the total opposite of what comes to mind when you think of concrete.

Why Quitting Cigarettes is Easier for Some People

New research from scientific journal Neuropyschopharmacology shows that people who are able to quit smoking will probably have an easier time accomplishing any other task they put their minds to. After studying 85 smokers over a course of four months, researchers concluded that those who successfully quit displayed a better connectivity between the brain’s insula and the and the sensorimotor cortex. With a stronger connection, …

Kick the Habit with Quitbit

A smart, flameless lighter and app that tracks exactly when and how much you smoke

In an age when even cigarettes are electronic, nicotine gum, patches and hypnosis are pretty outdated ways to approach the challenging—for some, impossible—act of quitting smoking. The Quitbit is a new device in the form of a lighter that aims to track your habits, allowing you to learn what time of day you’re smoking most or measuring how long it’s been since your last cigarette. …