Foster French Press

This luxurious French press, designed by Norman Foster and manufactured by Stelton, is made from stainless steel and has a one liter capacity—enough for three cups of coffee. Made with longevity in mind, this piece is sculpturally elegant and functionally simple. This is a stylish way to start your morning—especially if you’re hosting a couple friends or family members.

FrankOne Vacuum Technology Coffee-Maker

A welcome innovation in a saturated industry, this machine makes cold brew in minutes

As cold brew flavors and techniques continue to evolve, many drinkers are opting for it over traditionally brewed coffee—regardless of the weather. For those looking to make their own batches of steeped, strong coffee without the bitterness of traditional processes, the prerequisite is usually patience or purchase—somewhere between eight and 20 hours or a couple extra dollars for a quality cup. The FrankOne Coffee Maker simplifies the process …

Soma Brew Bottle

Soma makes beautiful, sustainable water bottles, filters and pitchers. It was only a matter of time until their technology was used to create coffee products with the same principles in mind. The Soma Brew Bottle allows you to brew 12 ounces of hot (instantly) or cold (overnight) coffee in a double-insulated glass bottle. Of course, it works perfectly for tea too.