French Press Brewer

HAY’s French Press Brewer is a refreshing update to the classic mode of coffee-making. The one-liter glass brewer comes in two retro-leaning styles: clear with a yellow and blue lid or aqua with a teal and brown top. When not in use, the colorful essential makes for joyful decor.

Coffee Products to Kick Off the New Year

Beans, subscriptions, equipment and more for a fully caffeinated 2023

Though each member of the COOL HUNTING editorial team approaches coffee differently—some are all-season supporters of Grady’s Cold Brew, a few live for precise pour-overs, a perfectly crafted cortado, and others are frequent sippers of Trader Joe’s Instant Cold Brew—we’ve all come to rely on the ritual and the caffeine. Coffee, as a category, continues to evolve—from product quality to equity and resource in production. …

Word of Mouth: Tel Aviv Drinking and Dining

Markets, cocktails, coffee shops, fancy restaurants and more in a city that's influenced by cuisines from all over the world

From the historic alleyways of Jaffa leading north all the way up toward Herzliya, Tel Aviv pulses with energy. The sights and aromas in the shuks and cafes reveal influences of cuisines from throughout the region and around the world. (In this global melting pot, even the most popular breakfast dish in the country, shakshuka, has its roots in Tunisia.) Thanks to gifted chefs, bakers, …