Four Espresso Smile Cups

These espresso cups with large, looping smiles make drinking coffee a touch more humorous. Sold in a set of four, they are hand-cast and hand-glazed in Brussels and are dishwasher safe. A yellow-tinged, graffiti-reminiscent smiley face embellishes each of these unique porcelain cups with character—and no two are exactly alike. Price is in Euros.

land to sea Diversifies NYC’s Cafe Culture + Creative Community

Created by people of color to uplift people of color, this Williamsburg space is more than a typical coffee shop

Another coffee shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn is par for the course, but that’s why the neighborhood’s latest addition, land to sea, stands out even more. Opening its doors in October, Emily Shum and Eva Zhou’s land to sea fosters a creative and inclusive community, hosting food pop-ups, art exhibits and classes, especially designed to uplift artists of color. More than a cafe, this versatile venue …

Word of Mouth: West Adams, Los Angeles

This neighborhood has a rich history and a focus on the future, thanks to innovative uses of space and community-minded initiatives

In South Los Angeles, West Adams—one of the oldest neighborhoods in the city—spans from Culver City to Downtown. Historic homes built in a dizzying array of styles from Georgian Revival to Alpine Craftsman, Queen Anne and Dutch Colonial line the streets. The Glen Lukens Home and Studio (designed by mid-century modernist Raphael Soriano for ceramicist Glen Lukens) has been painstakingly preserved by its new owner. …