Tokyo Olympics

LA-based artist Cali Thornhill Dewitt juxtaposes wordplay and photos by Koji Ueda and Yosuke Torii for bold and thought-provoking collages. For the zine Tokyo Olympics, Dewitt collaborated with Carhartt WIP to collate his clever works across 36 pages in color offset print.

Margot Bowman’s “Body Insert” in Rig Out Magazine

In the latest issue of The Rig Out, artist and designer Margot Bowman (whose studio we recently visited) created a limited edition insert showcasing her distinct picture-collage style. Titled “Body Insert,” the project sees Bowman experimenting with NSFW imagery, risqué poetry and zany composite pictures to invert the traditional sense of “sex sells.” View Bowman’s Body Insert in the pages of “Rig Out 9: Back …

The Public Profile of An American Girl

Photographer Jenna Garrett turns the ubiquitous selfie into a visual discourse at Aperture Summer Open

As of September 2013, Facebook reported that 350 million new photos were uploaded each day—and Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities dictates that under the public setting anyone can access and use that information. Raising questions about privacy, internet behavior, self-exploitation and more, photographer Jenna Garrett sifts through the intangible number of publicly available images on Facebook for her series “The Public Profile of An …