Alexander Girard La Fonda Del Sol Coloring Book

The late architect, designer and artist Alexander Girard’s playful suns—outlined in this new coloring book, which has been named for the solar motifs within the design of the NYC restaurant La Fonda Del Sol—were a study in visceral composition and expressive detail. In the book, countless iterations of Girard’s famed suns await decorating and coloring from artists of all ages. Price is in euros.

Fluxus Coloring Book

From the mind of SF-based artist Brion Nuda Rosch, this second edition of the Fluxus coloring book (based on the art movement of the same name) features 12 new designs for readers to scribble, sketch and color in—or leave as is. The minimal but thoughtful 12-page zine is more or an “anti-coloring book” with lots of white space and just a few abstract shapes scattered …

Celebrate 420 in Style

Some of our favorite innovative, creative and sophisticated cannabis-related products

Now that all but four states in the USA have legalized cannabis in some form, discussion around it continues at a never-before-seen pace. From its benefits (pain relief, easing anxiety and more) to racial/political issues (according to New York State’s Division of Criminal Justice Services, 86% of New Yorkers arrested for low-level marijuana possession are black and hispanic), and the new industry’s explosion, there’s a …