Farm Crayons

These endearing, produce-shaped crayons make drawing and coloring even more fun, while also aiding children’s muscle development and motor skills. Made from wax and non-toxic color, this bundle of eight crayons come in the shapes and colors of a strawberry, carrot, banana, pea, cucumber, eggplant, chestnut and mushroom. In addition, the set comes with a coloring book and storage box for easy clean up.

Octahedron Crayons

This set of 15 two-toned crayons are a playful take on the traditional version, thanks to their octahedron shape, which features multiple points and edges to allow for endless combinations and textures. Kid Made Modern has, of course, ensured that these are non-toxic and small enough for learning hands.

Jerry Garcia Limited Edition Coloring Book

Be it a tidal wave or a banyan tree, a “space container” and more, the hand-drawn and painted works of Jerry Garcia come to life again in Terrapin Stationers’ new limited edition coloring book. There are eight Garcia works that can be colored any which way—and all of them leave substantial room for the imagination. Printed in West Haven, CT, it’s an adult coloring book …