Tattoo Color-In Postcards

Megamunden's designs in pint-sized form, ready to be personalized and dropped in the post

Megamunden-tattoo-postcards-1B.jpg Megamunden-tattoo-postcards-1A.jpg

Hardworking artist Ollie Munden (aka Megamunden) follows up his wildly successful and fun Tattoo Coloring Book with a set of color-in postcards, so now those who enjoy embellishing Munden’s creations can share their efforts with friends (along with whatever news or thoughts they’ve scrawled on the back). The book is filled with the best of Munden’s tattoo imagery, from Japanese figures caught in movement to lighthouse and ship motifs—all aching to be personalized through the power of pens. There are also two sticker sheets to decorate nearly anything— illustrated mini roses, diamonds, mermaids and more allow you to fully kit out your creation. A very playful take on something that is also a serious business, the cards encourage users to unleash their inner (tattoo) artist. Or perhaps better yet, resist the urge to reach for a colored marker and save the satisfying experience for the recipient.

Pre-order “Tattoo Color-In Postcards” (with 20 detachable pages) from Amazon for $9.

Photos by Hans Aschim