Mobi Camouflage Sandwich Bags

Mobi has just announced their newest designs and we had to share: Two new camo patterns. Remember, whatever can be camo, should be camo. A box of twenty bags costs $4.99 at Mobi's online store (available after 11 January 2006).

Mobi Sandwich Bags

Continuing with today's food theme I bring you Mobi sandwich bags. Created by husband and wife team Michael and Sandra Isaacman, these zip seal plastic bags come in 12 different patterns. Kid and adult friendly, they're a welcomed alternative to the simple, clear bag. Hopefuly soon they'll offer Mobi bags made from recycled materials. $4.99 per box of 20, direct from Mobi

SAFE: Design Takes on Risk

MoMA's current lauded exhibition SAFE: Design Takes on Risk, brings a collection of objects to the MoMA Design Store that are as conceptual as they are useful, including the the original Champion Swiss Army knife (part of MoMA's permanent collection), a handbag that looks as if it contains a knife (pictured), and items from Kosuke Tsumura's Final Home line, like the 24-pocket nylon coat (pictured) …