Seek Food’s Tasty Cricket Baking Flours + Recipes

Acclaimed chefs and bakers offer insight on four new high-protein, sustainable powders

It seems as though the team at Seek Food has touched upon every relevant angle possible to bring curious consumers over to cricket powder—and it’s working. When the health food organization launched with a series of ridiculously tasty granolas and snacks, all products emphasized the importance of flavor in addition to nutritional value. Of course, cricket powder is sustainable, high in protein, contains all necessary …

Fabulously French Cooking

Paris-based trained chef Cathleen Clarity fell in love with French food and cooking with the seasons after moving there, and now has released a cookbook with photographer Kathrin Koschitzki. With 12 menu suggestions and 70 dishes, “Fabulously French Cooking” offers ideas for big celebrations or small dinner parties. From cote de boeuf to fig and red grape galette, every dish will impress your friends.

Phaidon’s “On Eating Insects” Guide + Matching Snacky Tunes’ Playlist

A holistic approach to critter-nibbling with recipes from the Nordic Food Lab

Centuries of civilizations have relied on insects for sustenance or flavor. And yet, the gourmet-driven resurgence of critter consumption is a relatively new Western phenomenon. Phaidon’s recently published “On Eating Insects: Essays, Stories and Recipes” acts as a guide for those looking to navigate the field of bugs. From a holistic standpoint, the book addresses how each creature tastes and how they can be used …