Holiday Gift Guide 2015: 420 Friendly

Goods for your favorite stoners and the casual tokers in your life

Devout stoners take their cannabis consumption seriously—whether they’re fond of edibles, vaporizers or good old-fashioned joints—and that means functional, stylish and sometimes playful accessories. From roach clips to bongs and cookbooks, our complete 420 Friendly Gift Guide has plenty of presents for your favorite chiller.

Ombre Pipe

As much a design item as a fully effective pipe, Haciendaware’s ceramic pipe ($90) features a soothing pastel ombre effect in satin glaze. Each stoneware item has been handmade in LA and cites the city’s smog-enhanced sunsets as an inspiration source. Altogether, it’s smooth to the touch, easy on the eyes and works like a dream.

Gold Roach Clip Necklace

More than a cute accessory, this mini vintage clothespin necklace ($45) is also a useful tool. The 14K gold-plated piece is spring loaded and fully functional, meaning it can keep things in place and double as a roach clip. Attached to an 18-inch chain, the clip measures one-inch-long and is handmade in Erica Weiner’s Brooklyn studio.

Big Buddy Bong Pin

Maybe Big Bud Press’ “Buddy” pin ($15) shouldn’t be worn around parents or young cousins—depending on your family’s vibe—but it works just about everywhere else. With double posts and super-hard enamel and gunmetal, this pin is durable—and its colorful, sweet little character epitomizes 420 friendly.

Pleasure Point Bong

Seeking an elevated 420 experience, Summerland creates ceramic “stonerware” that puts balmy skies and dreamy beach vibes into bong form. Designed and hand-produced in Northern California, their Pleasure Point bong ($150) is made from cone five ceramics—which has been coated in a lead-free, food-safe glaze—and includes a high-grade silicone grommet for airtight toking. Pre-order one now for a late December delivery.

Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis

Setting the bar high for all future cannabis cookbooks to come is “Herb: Mastering the Art of Cooking with Cannabis,” ($28) a 200-page book whose photography could give Bon Appetit mag a run for its money. Brought to you by, they’re bringing eight years of experience and recipe-sharing into a beautiful tome that upgrades cannabis to wine status. The crowd-funded book is available in ebook format, paperback and hardcover (our pick) and includes recipes from Gluten-Free Almond Raspberry Cake to Tomahawk Rib Eye.

Keep The Country Green Cap

Inspired by a vintage flea market find, The Ampal Creative’s “Keep The Country Green” cap ($40) encourages conservation and relaxation. The five-panel camp hat is constructed from 100% cotton corduroy with natural rope detailing and features a ’60s political campaign-themed patch that bears a cannabis leaf and stars. Plus, a secret stash pocket on the inside of the cap has been carefully placed to store herbal remedies.

Herbal Smoke Blend

Sourced directly from native people within Central and South America via sustainable trade, Anima Mundi Apothecary’s herbal blends, tonics and elixirs are made with love in NYC. They’ve made a special relaxing blend of medicinal herbs ($15) for Tetra that—when smoked in a pipe or vape—can decongest, clear phlegm and bacteria from lungs, and support the sinuses. Breathe deep and easy.

Puff Puff Pass Ashtray

This ashtray—handmade by Brooklyn-based designers Deirdre Shea and Na Kim aka Young Alexander—blends the perfect amount of sophistication with a playful, rebellious nature. Boasting real gold luster, the “Puff Puff Pass” ashtray ($45) is a subtle way to make sure your guests abide by the unspoken rules.

Images courtesy of respective brands, hero image also courtesy of Big Bud Press