Best of CH 2019: Instagram

Selections from our most-liked posts on the social media platform

Before we get back to our computers to write a story, the COOL HUNTING Instagram offers our editorial team (and a few contributors) an opportunity to share moments of inspiration. Aligned with the site, the word design—and its flexible definition—guides all that we post on social media. Thus, the subject matter of our photos encompasses hotels and footwear, drinking and dining, exhibitions and automobiles, and …

Small Steps, yet Big Leaps

Driven by clarity and the need to inspire, our site redesign is live

One year in the making—and almost four years after our last refresh—we’ve just unveiled a brand new design for the site. As we’ve affirmed and honed our mission statement, you’ll continue to find much of what you’ve long loved about COOL HUNTING here. We aim, of course, to inspire, to quench curiosity, to filter through the ever-changing world of design and uncover that which speaks to the future. And yet, you’ll find that our visual emphasis has changed. Our previous six redesigns pushed boundaries and targeted unknown-to-the internet innovation. This time, clarity drives the site so that viewers can easily discover what we’ve spent time sharing.

Cool Hunting Internships

Apply now to join the editorial team

We are currently looking for interns to assist the Cool Hunting team in all aspects of publishing the site, from writing and reporting to photo editing and web production. Ideal candidates have a super-keen eye, strong writing skills and familiarity with graphic production and HTML, as well as with our unique style. Internships run for a three-month period and we expect a minimum commitment of …