Cool Hunting Video: Creative Collaboration at Hermès Home

We tour the impressive Milan Design Week installation with the brand's co-Artistic Directors

We caught up with Hermès maison co-Deputy Artistic Directors Charlotte Macaux Perelman and Alexis Fabry during Milan Design Week in their spectacular installation at the Museo della Permanente. Featuring rooms covered in 600,000 colorful Moroccan zellige tiles that took three weeks to create the space was created simply to show off the 2018-2019 collection for the week. Perelman designed the installation, and Hervé Sauvage collaborated …

Cool Hunting Video: Rockwell Unscripted for Knoll

David Rockwell shares the details of the brands' latest collaboration

When Knoll was looking for a design partner to collaborate on a collection of furniture that suited modern work styles and environments “there was only one person to call, and that was David Rockwell,” says Benjamin Pardo, Knoll’s Creative Director. Two very different sensibilities that may at first not seem like the most obvious partnership leverage the design firm’s expertise in theater, play, co-working and …

Cool Hunting Video: Confederate Motorcycles

A vision of the essence of American motorcycles seen in powerful sculptural machines

Confederate Motorcycles prides themselves on using extremely considerate design to transform their bikes into super-charged, sculptural masterpieces. Founded on the concept of a mechanical singularity between man and machine, Confederate has pushed—and continues to broaden—the boundaries of just what a motorbike can be by creating high-powered, impressive works of functional art.