Cool Hunting Video: Rockwell Unscripted for Knoll

David Rockwell shares the details of the brands' latest collaboration

When Knoll was looking for a design partner to collaborate on a collection of furniture that suited modern work styles and environments “there was only one person to call, and that was David Rockwell,” says Benjamin Pardo, Knoll’s Creative Director. Two very different sensibilities that may at first not seem like the most obvious partnership leverage the design firm’s expertise in theater, play, co-working and hospitality with the furniture company’s impeccable craftsmanship and creative freedom. The result is Rockwell Unscripted, a collection that fits in between the more traditional working and meeting spaces in most offices. It’s a surprisingly successful, improvisational and flexible collection of seating, borders, storage, tables, steps and accessories. David Rockwell, who had won the company’s first Tony award for set design the same week as the Rockwell Unscripted Collection for Knoll launched, shares his thoughts about the collaboration.