Café Cotton Cashmere Hoodie

Made from a blend of cotton, cashmere and S.Cafe (a material derived from recycled coffee grounds), Naadam’s Café Hoodie comes in two colors: navy or sage. This ultra-soft, more sustainable fabric offers odor-controlling, moisture-wicking and UV-protecting capabilities. Plus, the final product proves lightweight, as well as invincible to pilling and wrinkles. The brand recommends dry cleaning or hand-washing with cold water.

Circular Systems’ Waste-Based, Multi-Purpose Material, AgraLoop BioFibre

A new natural fiber capable of replacing cotton, born from food waste

Circular Systems co-founder and CEO Isaac Nichelson jokes that his company’s newest product, the Agraloop BioFibre, is a treasure crafted from trash. Quite literally, it is. Food waste from a handful of regions enters the Agraloop, where it is worked into fibers and yarn fit for use in clothing, upholstery, paper, packaging and beyond. This system lets the company tap into the seemingly endless stream …


From CH favorite BFGF, the VARIOUS STAGES woven blanket features several of Lilian Martinez’s signature motifs: basketballs, leaves, fruits, Nike swooshes and more. On the edges, contrasting fringe adds even more flair. The cotton/polyester blend blanket measures out to 71 by 53 inches. Each one is made to order and Martinez suggests buyers allow at least one week for production and delivery.