7,000-Year-Old Structure That Predates Stonehenge Discovered

In the Czech Republic, archeologists discovered a 7,000-year-old circular structure from the Neolithic period that is believed to have been constructed between 4,900 BCE and 4,600 BCE. This is 1,000 years before the construction of Stonehenge and several thousand years earlier than the Pyramids of Giza. Measuring 180 feet in diameter, the structure—called a roundel—may have been built by people from the Stroked Pottery culture …

“Danger 380 Volts” Pétillant Naturel (2017)

Czech natural winemaker Milan Nestarec’s Danger 380 Volts is a funky and dry pétillant naturel that includes refreshing notes of apple, grapefruit and white peach. Crafted in the pétillant naturel style (aka the méthode ancestrale, in which wines are bottled before initial fermentation is finished, resulting in a natural sparkling), it’s slightly bubbly, cloudy and has an almost cider-like quality.

Prague’s Mesmerizing Signal Festival, 2018

Exploring the annual celebration of light art and emerging technologies

Prague abounds with historic quaintness. Hotel lobbies are traditionally opulent and grand, established restaurants serve time-honored food paired with Czech dumplings and beer, streets bear the names of residents from times gone by, and the magnificent Prague Castle above the city speaks of the royalty that once presided over the country. It is with this classic backdrop as a canvas that Prague hosts something intriguing and …