Nova Scotian Design and Materials Inform The Muir, Autograph Collection Hotel

Discussing the tactile elements of our recent stay with Marriott International's VP of Design, Aliya Khan

Along the bustling waterfront of Halifax—the capital city of the Canadian province of Nova Scotia—the Muir, Autograph Collection welcomes guests into a nuanced hospitality experience. From its unique architecture and soothing design to the impeccable service and exciting food and beverage outlets, the hotel exceeds expectation. Nova Scotian practice MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects worked with Canadian designer Alessandro Munge of Studio Munge, both in collaboration with Marriott International’s …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

An explosion of color in Stockholm, NASA's Mars precautions, updates to our perception of marijuana and more

NASA’s Preventative Measures Against Potential Martian Pathogens Although the risk is small that threatening organisms will make their way to Earth via the Martian rock samples currently being collected, NASA is taking precautions. These samples—set to arrive in the 2030s—will first be held in a receiving facility that’s “capable of safely containing the most dangerous pathogens known to science,” that also “prevents substances on Earth …

Candlestick in Froggy Green

Handmade by artist Sean Gerstley in his Philadelphia studio, this candle holder features whimsical protrusions and an off-kilter leaf-like structure. Standing six inches tall, this object’s beautiful earthy green shade adds a verdant presence to any room.