Aesop Mouthwash

Australia's most hygienic export tackles oral malodour with a refreshing botanical blend

For their first foray into oral hygiene, cult skincare label Aesop is starting with a universal concern—bad breath. The Melbourne-based brand tackles this problem with a touch of humor, boldly stating on the packaging for their newly-launched, alcohol-free mouthwash, “To politely protect the olfactory contentment of your loyal loved ones, fellow commuters or neighboring theater-goers, we advise a voluminous swig and gargle of Aesop Mouthwash …

Radius Cranberry Floss

Naturally prevent cavities with cranberry-coated floss

Improving the chore of flossing is a challenge that few brands have conquered. How do you make running a piece of string between your teeth more fun? Radius, maker of ergonomic toothbrushes, has a solution with their naturally anti-bacterial vegan brand online—floss starts at $3 a pack.

Small Brand Toothpastes

Eight wholesome toothpastes to polish up your smile

As most dentists will tell you, any toothpaste that encourages teeth-brushing is a job done. But as a twice-daily activity (hopefully), knowing what it is exactly you’re putting in your mouth is essential. While fluoride or fluoride-free remains a common debate, for those who seek a more natural cleaning experience, below are eight pastes we scoped out that are sure put a healthy smile on …