Radius Cranberry Floss

Naturally prevent cavities with cranberry-coated floss

radiusfloss-1.jpg radiusfloss-2.jpg

Improving the chore of flossing is a challenge that few brands have conquered. How do you make running a piece of string between your teeth more fun? Radius, maker of ergonomic toothbrushes, has a solution with their naturally anti-bacterial vegan floss. Testing it out myself, I found that coating it with 100% pure cranberry essence improves the taste experience. And, the cranberry is deposited on your teeth during flossing, continuing to inhibit bacteria growth even after you’re done.

Spun in plant wax to help slide in tight spaces, with no artificial or synthetic ingredients and packaging made from all recycled materials, you have even more reasons to switch floss brands. Radius products are available for purchase at Target, Wegmans, Whole Foods and others, as well as from the brand online—floss starts at $3 a pack.