Zero-Impact ‘Agrihood’ Community of 3D-Printed Huts

The Galini Sleeping Pod, a zero-impact 3D-printed hut proposed by New York-based architecture practice DFA offers an idyllic vision of future reprieves. The 300-square-foot suspended pod features a water system (show, sink and toilet) that pulls its supply from atmospheric water (and recycles waste-water). Meanwhile, its electricity is drawn from a combination of solar and wind technology. Of course, it also offers a place to …


Debuts from Mild High Club and Erica Eso, the "revolutionary" musical taking Broadway by storm and more in this week's look at standout music

Painted Zeros: Call Back As the summer heat gives way to cool breezes and accompanying change, it’s well-matched by Brooklyn-based Painted Zeros’ new track “Call Back.” Ethereal vocals—from lead singer and principal member Katie Lau—drift atop delicate melodies that give way to guitar riffs with a substantial pulse underlying it all. Altogether, it’s a beautiful track from the band’s forthcoming album Floriography. Hamilton the Musical …

State Of The Union Tee

DFA Records pays homage to its roster of artists with their State of the Union T-shirt. Printed on an American Apparel 50/50 cotton tee, names comprising their signature lightening bolt logo include label favorites like Yacht, LCD Soundsystem, Holy Ghost, The Rapture and more, as well as “new folks you may have not met yet.”