Greek Red Fruit Vinegar

From Yiayia and Friends—a brand that celebrates Greek cuisine through snacks, olive oils, kitchenware and more—comes a red fruit vinegar made with organically grown grapes. Rich and aromatic, this aged balsamic is perfect for making salad dressing or marinades. Like all Yiayia and Friends products, the colorful and playful design makes it pleasing to keep on the dining table. Price is in Euros.

Best of CH 2022: Travel

The realization of longtime dreams and magnificent returns to much-loved places

In 2022, many of us eagerly returned to travel for inspiration and education—to destinations within the US as well as countries and continents far away. After years strict precautions, many borders once again opened to tourists. Now, as we take to the road or jettison into the skies, it’s important to consider the impact travel has on the planet and to always be respectful to …

Best of CH 2022: Editors’ Favorites

Stories where we found community, indulged in creativity and celebrated innovation

Reflecting on the year through the stories we loved most is not only a nostalgic pastime, but it also lets us highlight and appreciate some of the memorable artists, inventions and places that invigorated and sustained us along the way. This year, we spoke with inspiring cultural innovators, explored large-scale art and maximalist hotels, we found community and indulged in creativity. Below, our favorite features …