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Judaica Standard Time + Danielle Yukari

Seder Plate


Faith-forward design brand Judaica Standard Time tapped Japanese Brazilian artist Danielle Yukari to create a charming stoneware Seder plate, complete with two small dishes. Limited to an edition of 10, the piece …


Pearl Platter


Based in Melbourne, Australia, homeware brand FAZEEK imbues sculptural design, vibrant colors and a playful energy into all their products. Their Pearl Platter (available in amber and lilac, pink and amber, or …

Resin At The Disco

Lazy Sylvester


Resin At The Disco’s vibrant, resin Lazy Susans began as an experiment (to turn a vinyl of Sylvester’s “You Make Me Feel” into a Lazy Susan) that became a real product. Featuring …

Ichendorf Milano

Oil Bottle


From the Travasi collection, designed by Milan-based Astrid Luglio for Ichendorf Milano, comes the Oil Bottle. The collection’s name comes from “travasare,” meaning to decant, and this vessel is intended for oil …

Cold Picnic

Delighted Napkins


Sold in a set of four, the Delighted Napkins abound with abstract shapes, bright hues, and a cheerful style that has come to define the textile and home goods brand Cold Picnic. …

La Boutanche

Andi Knauss Trollinger 2021


La Boutanche—a collaboration between natural wine importer Selection Massale and their roster of winemakers—tapped German vigneron Andi Knauss for this organic, fruit-forward red. Made from 100% Tollinger grapes and featuring a touch …