Mosaic Plate

Chell Fish is Brooklyn-based artist Michele Mirisola’s ceramics project, and from it comes a series of mosaic plates. Reminiscent of antique oyster plates and inspired by the forms of seashells, these handmade pieces are suffused with whimsy. They come in different shape and artwork variations but all are a unique way to serve oysters—or anything else.

The Experimental Gastronomy Project Reinvents + Reimagines Dining Out

A collective that invites artists to craft tableware and renowned chefs to concoct dishes that match

The Dutch creative collective Steinbeisser (which translates to “biting on rock”) was founded in 2009 by Jouw Wijnsma and Martin Kullik. In 2012, the pair formed the Experimental Gastronomy Project, a string of fine dining events designed to dismiss preconceived notions about dining out. Guests would sip from intricate, artist-made cups and eat from plates with mountainous ridges through them or boards crafted to look …

Piaule’s Minimalist Ceramic Vessels

Mindfully made pieces, crafted painstakingly in the USA

Only one set of dishware—a ceramic bowl and a plate—brings me joy daily. They were handmade for Piaule, an online-only brand that is painstakingly perfecting homewares one at a time; and as a testament to their work, I’ve never felt the need to own any more bowls or plates. Piaule works so painstakingly, in fact, that it’s been about a year since their last release: …