Girly Drinks: A World History of Women and Alcohol

Between the gender disparity in distilleries and cocktails that are associated with femininity, the culture of drinking has long been patriarchally dictated. Mallory O’Meara’s Girly Drinks forces a reckoning with this gendered divide, shedding light on the overlooked women behind breweries and booze. From an ancient Sumerian beer goddess to the iconic bartender Ada Coleman, this book reveals the feminist history within alcohol.

Inside Sipsmith’s London Gin Distillery

Mad scientist experimentation blossoms from an international selection of premium botanicals

When setting out to open the first traditional copper pot gin distillery in London in 200 years, Sipsmith founders Sam Galsworthy and Fairfax Hall and historian, author and master distiller Jared Brown quickly learned that their ambitious goal would require sacrifice and perseverance. Blocking their dream was The Gin Act of 1751 that outlawed small distilleries in London to curb crime in the city at …

Premium Aged Whiskey

Many don’t know that a Tennessee slave, Nearest Green, taught Jack Daniels how to distill—even going on to work for Daniels as a black master distiller after the Civil War. Armed with thousands of documents, author Fawn Weaver convinced brand owner Brown-Forman to recognize Green’s role and incorporate it into the Jack Daniels story, where it’s always belonged. She’s now released her own whiskey to …