The Coat Refresh

One of several products by Rowan, a new company focused on human-grade, all-natural skin care products for dogs, The Coat Refresh is designed to keep your dog’s coat looking and smelling good in between washes. Featuring essential oils, aloe vera and coconut oils with none of the nasty things, both you and your dog will enjoy the results.

“The Shedder” Dog Shampoo

Specially formulated for dogs with fur (rather than hair), Pride + Groom’s “The Shedder” shampoo—like all their products—has been made with natural ingredients that benefit your pooch. Avocado oil provides nourishment, flaxseed protects and promotes a healthy coat and marshmallow root kills bacteria while soothing irritated skin. Also available are shampoos for non-shedding dogs and those with sensitive skin, as well as conditioner. And all …