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Shrimp Pet Toy


Part of HowlGo’s ocean series (which also includes sea urchins, coral, oysters and more), this shrimp toy provides plenty of entertainment for your pooch. Made from cotton and polyester, the crustacean makes …

Colette Bream

Crochet Knit Squeaky Toy


Handmade in Annapolis, Maryland by Collette Bream, this dog toy is crocheted with 100% merino wool, using extra strands to increase durability. Shaped like a hot dog, cactus or sausage link, the …

Dog Ear



Made from 100% recycled fabrics and materials, Dog Ear’s pet toys are each entirely unique and crafted by hand. Founded by Lu Williams and Emma Edmondson during the beginning of the pandemic, …

Fantastical Creatures Club

Ball Keeper + Ball


Pet brand Fantastical Creatures Club creates luxury accessories for posh pooches. Their premium ball keeper set comprises a vibrant red rubber tennis ball (made in England) that offers extra bounce for increased …

Fable Pets

The Game


Designed to ease a dog’s anxiety when home alone, or simply entertain, Fable’s The Game mimics the experience of hunting thanks to an interactive feeding experience that can last up to 30 …


Samgyetang Ginseng Chicken Soup Toy


From Seoul-based start-up Bacon, this toy offers pups plenty of entertainment. Inside the plush chicken (which measures 23 by 18 cm), dog owners can stuff the other ingredients for a Samgyetang soup: …

Fable Pets

Night Falcon Toy


Fable’s glow-in-the-dark Falcon charges in natural sunlight, offering a toy that’s extra exciting at night. For pets, the toy features two treat cavities capable of holding dry or wet food. For owners, …


Wicked Ball Pet Toy


Inside this smart toy for cats and dogs, a tiny motor with three different modes provides it with the ability to respond to an animal’s touch, prompt a reaction, or offer a …

Bark Shop

Social Anxiety Bundle


For pooches with social anxiety, this helpful bundle by Bark Shop includes a topical oil, a snack and a treat dispenser. The 200mg CBD oil aims to calm dogs down while the …

Dog Retrieving Toy


From its blaze orange colorway to the FDA-approved food-grade polymer composition, Filson’s Dog Retrieving Toy stands out from the rest. Its greatest attribute, however, stems from the fact that it was developed …