Interview: Photographer Gregory Kramer

"DRAGS," the artist's new photo book, profiles NYC drag queens and drag kings

Born in a tiny town in rural Michigan, director and photographer Gregory Kramer moved to New York City in 1992 and fell in love with drag queens and kings. Over the past few years, he knew he wanted to work on a new project, but it wasn’t until he picked up Irving Penn’s “Small Trades” that the vision for his photo book “DRAGS” came into …

“Queens of Kings” Explores Brooklyn’s Drag Scene

Just in time to celebrate NYC Pride Week, Refinery29 and filmmaker Nicholas Heller have debuted a YouTube docu-series that spends a day in the life of various Brooklyn drag queens. Titled “Queens of Kings,” the thoughtful series features five-minute webisodes that follow the borough’s favorite queens as they transform from daytime civilians to glamorous evening divas, performing in many of Brooklyn’s most popular venues.