MoMA Two-Tone Borosilicate Glass Straws

This set of six two-tone straws makes for a practical gift or a party favor—guests can drink through them at dinner, and then take one home for future use. Made from true-colored borosilicate glass, the color combinations include yellow with pink, green with blue and lilac with orange. These hues inject a little levity into a practical, easy-to-clean product.

Reusable Glass Straws

Packaged as a set of five, STRAWGRACE’s straws are crafted from laboratory-grade glass and are BPA-, lead- and plastic-free. Each straw has a different hued tip (teal, yellow, green red or blue) so sippers can keep track of their drink. They’re also easy to wash as there are no bends, and each set comes with two cleaning brushes.


Connect drinking straws with simple stars for endless building possibilities

After a successful launch last year on Kickstarter, the “drinking straw construction game,” Linx, is finally available for purchase. The minimalistic and sustainably-made connectors consist of flat four-sided stars that fit into the ends of standard drinking straws, allowing gamers to build infinite plastic structures. The easily manipulated Linx connector points can be bent in all directions, allowing the user—regardless of age or tactile skill …