Connect drinking straws with simple stars for endless building possibilities

linx_2.jpg linx_3.jpg

After a successful launch last year on Kickstarter, the “drinking straw construction game,” Linx, is finally available for purchase. The minimalistic and sustainably-made connectors consist of flat four-sided stars that fit into the ends of standard drinking straws, allowing gamers to build infinite plastic structures.

linx_4.jpg linx_5.jpg

The easily manipulated Linx connector points can be bent in all directions, allowing the user—regardless of age or tactile skill level—to make both geometric shapes and free-form patterns. From airy constructions the size of an entire room to small desktop sculptures, the possibilities are endless, and the stars are as lightweight and harmless as the straws themselves. Made out of 100% post-consumer plastic, Linx are shipped in flat, modular grids, making it almost an entirely zero-waste form of entertainment.


At Parker’s Box gallery in Brooklyn, you can now see Linx realized as an enormous drinking straw structure by Linx creator Patrick Martinez. A complex web of different sized straws, Martinez’s sculpture is a dizzying and breathtaking vortex that brings the full Linx concept to life.

The exhibit runs through 17 February 2013 at Parker’s Box. If you can’t make it to Brooklyn you can now order your own Linx game online for $18 a pack.

Images courtesy of Linx