Le Spritz

Made with alcohol-free apéritif Ghia, canned single-serve beverage Le Spritz comes in four flavors: original with soda, lime and salt, ginger, or combo (OG and ginger). Ghia offers a lightly bitter, citrusy and complex flavor that comes from ingredients including Riesling grape juice, fig concentrate, yuzu, lemon balm, rosemary and gentian root. The botanical drink is one of our favorite booze-free quasi-apéritifs on the market, …

Manhattan Berry

Manhattan Berry is an elevated, all-natural and lightly carbonated non-alcoholic cocktail from Mocktail Club that succeeds in balancing a multitude of flavors. A first taste reveals a fruit-forward profile, with blackberry and pear shrub, that’s not overly sweet. Ginger, apple cider vinegar and tea-infused spices finish the beverage, providing warmth, depth and complexity. Price reflects a four-pack.

Interview: Studio Null Non-Alcoholic Wine Founders Dorothy Munholland and Catherine Diao

From acclaimed family-run vineyards to dealcoholization experts, the path of the start-up's flavorful debut portfolio

Efforts to reduce alcohol consumption do not need to cease when Dry January comes to an end. More and more consumers continue to explore non-alcoholic options (or alcohol alternatives) year round and Studio Null is the latest to introduce thoughtful products worth considering. Founded by Dorothy Munholland and Catherine Diao, Studio Null’s wines are sourced from acclaimed winemakers in Germany and Spain, then put through a …