Eartheater: Mitosis

Queens-based avant-pop artist Eartheater (aka Alexandra Drewchin) returns with the thrilling new track “Mitosis.” The musician, producer, composer and vocalist worked on the song with producer and frequent collaborator Sega Bodega and the result is synth-heavy with a jittery, anxious energy. From chants to whispers, the track morphs in an enthralling manner—just like its accompanying video.

Eartheater: Volcano

Avant-pop artist Eartheater (aka Alexandra Drewchin) recently announced her upcoming album Phoenix: Flames Are Dew Upon My Skin, and from it releases the gorgeous, powerful “Volcano.” Beginning with acoustic guitar and piano, soon skittish percussion and stunning harmonies lead the song into an indefinable realm. The album (out 2 October) is composed, produced and arranged solely by Eartheater who drew inspiration from “geological imagery, whose …