The Astronaut’s Cookbook

Get a little taste of the astronaut’s life with this book of space food recipes that can be prepared in a kitchen much closer to home. Written by NASA veterans Charles T Bourland and Gregory L Vogt, The Astronaut’s Cookbook is filled with fun facts and anecdotes about eating in zero gravity.

Fifteen Things You Should Know About Breasts

Good Magazine details facts about breasts with their cleverly-designed infographic

Good Magazine, known for their inventive and surprising infographics, recently explored the popular body part but oft-mysterious breast. Fifteen Things You Should Know About Breasts details a history of bras, breast augmentation and other random facts in an extended infographic. The elongated infographic feels like a modern scroll, with the uninterrupted design appearing as a meandering train of thought. This freedom with size allows the …

Vital Statistics

Vital Statistics is the new Trivial Pursuit. Full of offbeat facts, the layout uses varying fonts in different sizes, color, and capsules to organize information into a format that's as highly thumbable as it is good-looking. Like the obviously ironic title indicates, the figures and tidbits aren't really need-to-know items, but nearly every entry fascinates (like that the largest diamond in the universe is a …