Fifteen Things You Should Know About Breasts

Good Magazine details facts about breasts with their cleverly-designed infographic


Good Magazine, known for their inventive and surprising infographics, recently explored the popular body part but oft-mysterious breast. Fifteen Things You Should Know About Breasts details a history of bras, breast augmentation and other random facts in an extended infographic.

good-breasts-2.jpg good-breasts-2-2.jpg

The elongated infographic feels like a modern scroll, with the uninterrupted design appearing as a meandering train of thought. This freedom with size allows the simple list to become a focused and visually intriguing journey, relaying facts from the average breast size in America (36C) to the amount of breast reductions in 2008 performed on men (17,902).

Good also holds a monthly infographic design contest. This month’s objective is an infographic about neighborhoods, in all their incarnations.