Shotgun Seamstress: An Anthology

Shotgun Seamstress was a fanzine by and for Black punks, founded by Osa Atoe in 2006. Spanning reviews, profiles, interviews and essays on historical artists and scenes, the zine championed free Black expression liberated from typical, corporate depictions. Comprising all eight issues, Shotgun Seamstress: An Anthology (laid out by hand as the zines originally were and then photocopied) is an archive, guidebook on activism and …

Ben Trogdon 2021 Photo Calendar

From Nuts! fanzine and Rock’n’Roll Forever creator Ben Trogdon comes a 2021 calendar filled with his 35mm film photos. Designed in the same style as Trogdon’s Tattoo Punk, the calendar’s aesthetic is brimming with DIY flair.

Das März Heft

Two Düsseldorf artists bring their photo fanzines to the city's experimental music festival

A combination of experimental art and music, the Open Source Festival hits Düsseldorf this Saturday, and two of the city’s leading artists will be there peddling the latest issue of their notoriously coveted fanzines. Produced in limited edition, Issue #41—entitled “Das März Heft”&#8212comprises eight evocative images creators Katja Stuke and Oliver Sieber shot in Japan last March. Out of their standard run of 105 copies, …